Jean Yves Ent. Co., Ltd. was established by Dr. Kenneth Lee in May 1982.
Our original mission was that we could design and produce quality sunglasses for our customers. Therefore, we develop our products based on three factors : 1)Good fitting, 2) Good looking and 3) Good selling.
Then, our customers can obtain good profit from our exclusive designs.

We designed the first style of kids sunglasses called junior wayfarer in 1984 and created more and more style like kids sports with head band; then, many American customers called Jean Yves, the king of kids sunglasses.

After 1990s, we built the new mission that Jean Yves developed new kind of products for end users in special use or occasion; therefore, we have designed the following products in 25 years :

1. Sports sunglasses (Leisure)
2. Sunglasses sports (Active)
3. Sports frame
4. Optical sports
5. Safety sports frame
6. Safety frame

Nowdays the market division is especially growing big, no matter branded companies, wholesalers or importers, all want to have their own products. We have been in the business nearly 40 years. We will be your best partner as we are working intensively on developing the product, understanding our customers’ need and solving their problems.